Monday, October 26, 2015

Mighty Oak

On July 30, a strange weather phenomenon occurred here in Norwich, likely a micro burst.  Unfortunately, the beautiful and majestic Oak that had graced the property for well over 200 years was a victim.  She lost a major limb.

Our Arborist checked her out and shared that any time a tree loses 1/3 of their limbs, the tree is compromised.  We agreed to try to save her.  We added supports for the remaining limbs protecting her the best that we could.

We have finally come to the conclusion that the tree, while in jeopardy herself, is also jeopardizing our guests and property.

We expanded the veranda because she provided such amazing shade and shelter from the Summer sun.  She has given all who have lived and visited joy and comfort.  Today, we have to protect her when she can no longer protect herself.

We will truly miss her.  And the landscape will never be the same.  Although, this year, she has shared a 'lot' of acorns.  We have saved some of the best ones to plant.  And in 200+ years, hopefully, she, too will be a proud and beautiful mighty Oak.

Thank you.  We will truly miss you.

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